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Partner Specials

eSignal is one of our premier charting/brokerage partners.  Before Ichimoku, I was an Elliott Wave technician.  The Advanced Get platform through eSignal was the charting tool that I used for Elliott Wave analysis and back testing.

Here is what makes eSignal unique today in the trading world:

1. Global Markets:  eSignal provides access to all Global Stock markets with a programming interface.    Outside our US based products, we support Equity Exchanges ranging from Canada, The UK, Europe, Malaysian, Singapore, Japan, China, India, Australia, and many more.  It doesn’t matter what world-wide stock market we need to support, they have it ALL!  Here is a list of all the exchanges.  Click Here

E.I.I Capital believes in DIVERSIFICATION.   Traders should NOT be focusing on one market, they should be gravitating toward whatever market is currently trending.  This is the only way to achieve a high reward/risk ratio.   Remember, to be a trader you should have NO LIMITATIONS!   The eSignal platform allows us to achieve this.

eSignal is used throughout our company in the following products:

1.  Bi-Weekly Global Stock Market videos:  CLICK HERE

2.  Twitter:  CICK HERE

3.  Facebook:  CLICK HERE

4.  Blog: CLICK HERE

5.  Scutify Blog:  CLICK HERE


2.  Back Testing:   eSignal has one of the best back testing platforms in the market today.    For back testing, you need to be able to back test any strategy for any instrument and ANY TIME FRAME.   eSignal supports a “Play back” feature in their back testing module.   This is a true “Play back”!    Most charting platforms claim the ability to “Play back” but they really can only do it on a daily time frame.   However, it is hard to do a “Play back” on a minute chart.   Well, eSignal can do it!  Here is a example:


3.  Customization:   eSignal has an object oriented programming language that allows you to do a great amount of things.   If you know programming, you can use DLL’s with their own scripting language.  If you can think of it, you can program it to make it happen!  Our heatmap, scanners, etc are created with customization within eSignal.   Below is an Ichimoku chart in eSignal with our PROPRIETARY ICHIMOKU DOTS.  It tells us where to Enter, where to Exit and when to protect our profits because the instrument is over extended.   This was all programmed in eSignal EFS scripting language.




You can download the EFS Study by CLICK HERE.   Below is a snapshot of the configuration settings.


If you are interested in learning more, please click on the eSignal logo above and it will take you to the eSignal website.  If you have any questions, you can email us here