iMTF Foundation Course Online

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August 1, 2020 - August 28, 2020 All day
Manesh Patel
Phone: 1 646-863-9620

iMTF Foundation Course Online


2019 was a great year!   Technology has given traders great tools to advance their trading to get great reward/risk.  However, volatility has increased with the increase of technology.

Furthermore, everyone is now has a greater enemy in traders.  Computers!    They have no emotions.   They have a plan.   They are fast.   Are you ready to compete against them and win?  If not, it is time for you to prepare.

As markets changes, so do we have to as traders and also educators.    Trading can be easy or hard.   Technology should enable a trader to simplify the process of trading so they can compete against the market.    This is exactly what the iMTF indicator has done.   Have you seen how trading is simple?   The indicator along with our FREE Global Scanner now gives the average trader the ability to find opportunities globally and how to trade them!     Don't believe it, check out our social media .   It has all the proof with actions, not words.

This course specially designed for all types of traders.   It will be held on the internet so you can learn from the comforts of your home.  Furthermore, we will provide a recording of each session so you can review at any time.

Here is the course outline:

  • Week 1:  iMTF Indicator
    • Overview
    • Breakout Trades
    • Money Management:  Reward/risk
  • Week 2 :  Pull back Trades
    • Entry with Money Management
    • Optimization:  2 Level
  • Week 3:  Trade Re-enter, Optimization, Multiple Time frame Concepts:

This course is also part of the IMTF University Program

Cost $599  or FREE with The University Program

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