2 Day Weekend Course on How to Trade Volatility

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January 25, 2020 - January 26, 2020 All day
Manesh Patel
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2 Day Weekend Course on How to Trade Volatility

Interested in Day Trading/Scalping?

Interested in optimizing your breakout trades?

Interested in optimizing your pull back trades?

Interested in trading Volatility where Profits come fast?

The time is here finally!   First course on Volatility.   We will use the price action to do it too!   Instead of using the regular Japanese Candlestick bars that EVERYONE uses, Heiken Ashi bars will be used!  Ha?  What is that?  Believe it or not, they were created when back in the 1800's too!   They "clean up" Japanese Candlestick charts DRASTICALLY.    Don't believe me, check this this video!   Proof in actions!

Many people have tried to use Heiken Ashi candles but Failed!    Many will be but will continue to fail!  Why?   It can only be used in certain conditions and a certain way.   Just like many people use Ichimoku Kinko Hyo but fail.

We are launching this course for beginning of January 2020!  Why?  Volatility 2020!

Be the first to take it!   Seats are limited to 12.   That is right!

Here is what you will learn in the 2 day live bootcamp!

  • Heiken-Ashi 101:  Volatile and non-volatile situations
  • Order for Setup:  Entry, Stops
  • Slippage that can occur from Heiken-Ashi and real price action.    "Cleaning" is great but it can cause huge slippage which can destroy the reward/risk.
  • How to use Heiken-Ashi with iMTF Setup/Entry
  • How to use Heikn-Ashi to optimize other technical systems:  Fibonacci, Harmonics, Moving Averages, RSI, Elliott Wave, etc.   Bring your own technical system and we will show you!   No limitations!
  • Much more

This is not a course with PowerPoint!   This is a course that everything will be taught from live charts.   Proof is in the charts for any instruments and time frame.

To get started right away, call or email info@eiicapital.com


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