$Forex / $Currency 6 Timeframe Ichimoku Email Alert for the week ending Nov 24

$CADJPY,  Forex / Currency Bearish All Time Frame Email Alert for the week ending Nov 24th.  On Nov 24 , we received a All Time Frame Email Alert email alert at www.ichimokutrade.com.   Here is the email alert:

Charts provided by Tradingview.com.   Here is the chart set


You can see the bearish break out was sitting on a support so the reward/risk was not in our favor, But this did not mean there was an opportunity. Since the email alerts can also have a high probability to reverse, you can see here it did just that. If you notice the purple iMTF™ dots, you could have gone to the lower time frames to find a low risk set up to take it bullish. Don’t give up on a trade just because it doesn’t go one way. It’s gotta go somewhere.

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