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Since June 1st, I have received all bullish alerts for $EURGBP.  You can find this scan on the suggested profiles.

It ended up being a really great pair to trade this summer considering the summers have a reputations of consolidating.  I want to take a closer look at the over all trend. Break it down from the Monthly on down.

First, here is an example of the alert

This is a break out on the monthly but over all in a big consolidation. But I want you to notice the horizontal line and how it plays a roll in this trend.

Next is the weekly, Again Bullish break out. See the match on the horizontal line with the monthly and the weekly.

Now you can see on the daily how many time the all bullish alert came out with the vertical lines.

You can also see that the trend started on the daily a little before the alerts started coming out. So we had a bullish break out kick everything off. The key was to find some low risk entries on the lower time frames.

Now the alert only covers the monthly, weekly, daily and the 4hr.  So lets take a look at the 4hr.

Here is the full trend on the 4hr. Now the trend was held by the kijen-sen on the daily, here it’s held by the cloud on the 4hr.

Now here is the first half of the 4hr trend and you can see the horizontal and how it played a roll in this trend.

Now here is the second half of the trend on the 4hr. You can see how the horizontal line played a big roll in this trend.

As you take a look where each alert comes out, you can look at the lower time frames and see where there was great opportunities to get in with lower risk and high rewards.

Keep in mind this was just one alert. I got a few other alerts as well but just like the heat map email alerts, a lot will reverse. But when you find that one and that’s all you need is one. Then you just milk it for all its worth. Manesh says all the time, all you need is one.

There was also 4 6x heatmap email alerts that came out with this all bullish alert. So combining the two as well as a high probability break out alert you can really increase your probabilities of finding a great set up.

If you would like to learn how to trade like an institutional trader or learn more about our multi-timeframe email alerts, go to or email us at

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