RRS: An example reverse trade using iMFT levels

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On the 28th of October we received a 5 timeframe bearish email alert for RRS-LON from  ww.ichimokutrade.com.   Here is the email alert:


Based on the 3 Step Trading Plan published earlier. (https://www.ichimokutrade.com/c/?p=10431), we found a iMTF on the 60 minute timeframe at 6972.500.  This would be our pullback entry level. Price did not hold this resistance level and broke it to setup a bullish reverse trade with the pervious iMTF resistance level turning into a support level. This was setting up to be a short term pullback trade on the daily timeframe to the kijun Sen at 7413.   Here is the chart setup provided by eSignal:


If you would like to learn www.ichimokutrade.com or email us at info@eiicapital.com