S41-SES: Singapore Stocks 6 Timeframe Sell Ichimoku Email Alert

S41-SES: Singapore 6 Timeframe Sell Ichimoku Email Alert.  We received a 6 Timeframe Ichimoku Sell Email Alert on July 13, 2017. Here is the email alert:

Based on the 3 Step Trading Plan published earlier. (https://www.ichimokutrade.com/c/?p=10431), we looked at a iMTF™ Bearish Pull Back Trade on a 60m time frame.  Below is the 60m chart provided by eSignal.

The iMTF™ resistance (matching support on D/240m/120m/60m/30m) was at 2.635.   As a result, the entry was 2.635, initial stop of 2.640, and the target will be 3 times the risk @ 2.610. The reward risk ratio was a 3:1, hence we decide to take the trade as it did fit our trade plan. The trade has been triggered on the 13 July and we are still in the trade.


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