December 27

Ichimoku Stock Trade of the Week: Dec 16, 2012 PCL


We received a 6 time frame Ichimoku BUY on the stock PCL,  Plum Creek Timber Co Inc. on Dec 17.    The email is shown below:

A breakout entry was setup for the stock due to all the volatility in the market.   The entry was 43.50, initial stop of 42.70, and a preserve mode value of 44.98.   The initial max. risk is 0.80.   The min. reward is 1.48.   At preserve mode, we will tighten our stop to protect our profits.   Therefore, the min. reward/risk we are looking at is 1.85:1 i.e. 185%.      In order to increase the reward/risk, options will be used to enter for this trade.    Here is the chart from Tradestation.


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