Ichimoku ANIP Gap and Crap?

Ichimoku ANIP Gap and Crap?

ANIP Ani Pharmaceuticals gapped up over 10% of news this morning.   Here is the current daily chart.


Here is the weekly chart:


The problem with the huge gap is that it gaped straight into the Daily/Weekly major resistance.   This now has a potential of “gap and crap” i.e. reversing.    Everything now depends on the multiple time frame support established on the lower time frames.   If the MTF support holds, price will have a high probability to getting back to the MTF resistance.   If it the MTF support breaks, it will have a high probability of filling the gap.

Here is the 10m MTF supprot chart:


Here is the 30m mtf support


Lets the markets tell you what they want to do and then you setup for the trade.  This is how success is achieved!

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