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Alert Trades was founded to deal with Seasonal Patterns.    Seasonality are high probability patterns that occur in instruments from one specific date to another specific date.  It is pure statistics based pattern recognition.    There is a lot of seasonality software that exists in the market today.   Statistics are great but if you can not use it in trading to make money, it is useless.   Here are the issues i saw with the various software packages.

  1. Majority of the calculations, looks at % change from one date to another date.  This does not incorporate volatility within the week, monthly, or year.   Volatility is a big part of our market.
  2.  Does not incorporate Money Management.   Just because a instrument has a 95% probability of being bullish (going up), does not mean you will make money.   If it only moves 0.05% in your direction, you will not make money.    Statistics are only good if the instruments moves a specific amount.   
  3.   Majority are simple formula.   They look at % change from one date to another date for X number of years.   That is a very simple formula.    There are many other high probability patterns.   For example, an instrument may only have a 56% probability of being bullish.    This instrument will be ignored with the simple formula.  Advanced algorithm can find a high probability pattern.   "Someone else trash is our treasure".
  4.   Years of data supported make a big difference.   Too much is not good and too little is not good either.   Looking at data for 20 years for a instrument does not help.   It is too much data.   Markets keep changing and never constant.   Each year is different from the previous year and years before that.    In the calculations, you can not "weight" each year the same.    5 to 10 years is the correct amount of data.
  5.   Risk is a huge part of a trader being successful.    This is not factored into a lot of seasonality formula.    Risk deals with drawdown (what % it went against you before it started to go in your direction).   You want to get in when the instrument is getting ready to move.   This deals with timing.   
  6.  Limited Market support.  Initially, seasonality was only available for US Stocks.  Later, it was expanded to currencies and US futures.   Why?   As a traders, you learn NOT to have limitations.   The formula should work for any instrument in the world.  

In my trading career, I have spent thousands of $$$  behind seasonality software packages.   In this journey, i have learned a lot.   It look us over 10 years to create Alert trades, our seasonality software package.    We have spend a lot of $ in creating it and also testing it in live markets.   We are traders and we make our money using our own tools.    As a result, we released the SEASONALITY IS FREE    Not only is it free but we support all the various Global markets around the world.   Over 10,000 instruments are supported.   

Below is a tutorial on how to use it.