• vMTF

Volatility has now become a “common” word in trading.  This is due to high frequency and machine learning.   It is here to stay.   The behavior of volatility is quite different from the normal trend environment.  It is huge price movements in a noticeably short amount of time.   The amount of volatility is critical for a trader to achieve consistent profits. vIMTF takes advantage of the volatility in 3 strategies.   They are as follows:


TNT bar It is one of the most powerful timing elements that the trading world has seen!  It is a black candlestick bar.  It is timing that indicates that something can possibly occur.  Combine this bar with multiple time frame analysis, you have a very powerful strategy.   Here is a video on how it works.

Yellow Bar

The TNT strategy covers where a trend can continue.  It does not deal with a new possible trend start to occur.   The Yellow bar represents a volatility setup after a TNT bar.   This allows a trader to enter a new trend. You can also look on social media for various examples of live trade on various instruments and various time frames.  No Limitations!


Purple Bar

In some situation, you will not get a TNT bar.   In those cases, you will have a volatility setup that is high reward/risk.   These high reward/risk setup are represented with the beginning of a purple bar.   



On all the social media platforms, we illustrate a lot of "live" examples.   If you have any questions, you can email us at info@eiicapital.com or call us.