$China Stock market is trying to make a bullish trend!

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$China Stock market is trying to make a bullish trend!

Weekly is the weekly chart provided by eSignal.    June 2015, the China peaked at 5410.   Afterwards, the market went down drastically all the way to  Jan 2016 where it bottomed at 2768.    That was a drastic move down in a short amount of time.


After it bottomed, the market has slowly been moving up.    Since the move has been slow, bullish momentum has not entered the market long term.

However, the momentum is now bullish for the first time since the downward movement.

Below is a zoomed in version of the weekly chart.

The breakout triggered now and it meets our trading plan requirements with money management and technical analysis.    Since this is a weekly chart, this will be a long term positionl



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