Customer Agreement

This customer agreement, (“Agreement”), is made by and between EII Capital Group, (“ICHI”) and you, (“Subscriber”). Subscriber must accept this Agreement in its entirety as a condition to receiving the subscribed for Service, (as defined below). As of the date you subscribe for and enroll in the Service, the parties agree as follows:
ICHI agrees to provide a Service to Subscriber for which Subscriber agrees to pay in accordance with this Agreement. Subscriber acknowledges the numerous risk disclaimers in this Agreement and agrees to the terms of use of the ICHI website and related services. Subscriber will be given access to the Service upon receipt of the subscription fee by ICHI.
The term “Service” means all services or products that are offered by ICHI.

Terms of Use of our Websites and Technology
Subscriber agrees to pay the fee for the Service, which will be billed at the listed price currently in effect or at a previously approved and agreed upon pricing. Subscriber agrees to take all necessary steps to authorize monthly or one-time credit card payments or an ICHI-approved alternative payment method in consideration for the Service.
The information distributed through the Service or contained in ICHI’s website is provided for the convenience and sole use of its subscribers, and is furnished without responsibility for its accuracy. ICHI is not responsible for any loss or damage that could or may result from any information made available to Subscriber or relied upon by Subscriber that may prove to be inaccurate or deficient.
Subscribers agree not to reproduce services, or products that are offered by ICHI. Subscribers will be liable for monetary damages if they are in violation of this agreement.
Subscribers also agree to understand that ICHI has 3-5 business days to respond to any subscriber inquiries.
Subscribers Agree to subscribe and cancel any subscriptions via the website where availiable.
If subscriber wishes to subscribe or cancel any subscriptions using a customer service representative where there is a website option the subscriber will be charged $30.

Third-Party Services and Links
In addition to providing Subscriber the Service and other ICHI products, ICHI may offer access to or contain links to third-party websites and services, (collectively, “third-party services”), that are developed, owned, and operated by unaffiliated third-parties that can be utilized to research, buy or sell financial products. ICHI disclaims any responsibility for such third-party services provided to or utilized by Subscriber. The inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by ICHI. Subscriber’s use or access of third-party services is at Subscriber’s own risk. Any reference to any third-party service by ICHI is not an expressed or implied endorsement by ICHI.

ICHI is not responsible for the contents of any third-party services and does not assume any responsibility for or make any representations, guarantees, or warranties whatsoever, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, suitability, profitability, reliability, or appropriateness of the third-party services. Subscriber agrees that ICHI shall not be liable for such third-party services and to hold ICHI harmless in any dispute or claim whatsoever that Subscriber may have related to or concerning such third-party services.
You acknowledge and agree that access to third-party services are regulated by this Agreement, and may also be regulated by terms, conditions, or agreements of such third-parties or other policies governing the third-party services. It is your responsibility to read and be informed about the terms and conditions and any other policies of such third parties as they relate to the subscription, products, services or information you request. Any questions related to such third-party services should be directed to the third-party service provider.

Your Obligation to Indemnify Us
Subscriber agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless ICHI, its principals, affiliates, employees, officers, information providers, and suppliers from and against all claims, causes of action, suits, losses, expenses, damages and costs, (including, without limitation, reasonable attorney’s fees), arising out of, in connection with or relating to any violation by you of this Agreement including, without limitation, claims, directly or indirectly, resulting from or attributable to Subscriber.

Access and Interference
You agree that you will not use any robot, spider, other automatic device or manual process to monitor or copy our content including, without limitation, trading alerts, videos, web pages and chat blogs or for any other unauthorized purpose without prior written permission by ICHI. You agree that you will not use any device, software or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper functioning of the Service including, without limitation, the ICHI website. You agree that you will not take any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our infrastructure and you agree not to engage in any unauthorized framing, linking or deep-linking to Service including, without limitation, the ICHI website without prior written permission by ICHI.
Subscriber is responsible for providing all personal computer and electronic equipment necessary to gain access to the Service. Access to and use of some of the products or web pages offered in accordance with the Service may be through the use of a combination of a username and password. Subscriber must keep such access information strictly confidential. Unauthorized access to the Service is a breach of this Agreement.

Refund Policy
All sales of any DVD’s, Services or downloads are final. We will not grant refunds for purchases of these products.
By purchasing one of our products you agreed to this policy and to all of our disclaimers on the website.