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Currencies are know to consolidate in summer so its important to be picky. Hopefully I’ve been able to high light how to use the website to narrow down which currency to focus on. Below is a look at 6x heat map email alerts. NZDJPY trended this past month and a few email alerts popped up to high light the opportunity. Here are the alerts


Here are the charts to go along with the alerts.


Now the Charts above shows a few entries for break outs on the 1 hour. But each trade got stopped and NZDJPY trended way higher. So its clear the 1 hr was not the chart to get in one. Lets take a look at the higher time frames.

Below is the 4hr and we can see even here the Kijen-sen doesn’t hold the trend completely. But it does become clear price is respecting a few iMTF™ crosses. Its tested this level twice before it trended. Very clear a resistance became a support.


Here the Daily and we can see a break out. Again we can see where price became support after resistance. Matched the SKB on the cloud.

Once we see and understand and how to manage it. But if you go to low, you run the risk of getting stopped. SO its important to understand which time frame is going give you best opportunity to catch the trend.

It also important to know how far it can trend. By taking a look at the higher time frame we can see our target. Here is the Weekly.

Now moving forward, if you are following the email alerts but maybe you are getting stopped out to early, pull back and take a look at the higher time frames. Find the key support and resistance with iMTF™. Watch how price reacts to them. Use the higher time frames to see if there is even room to trend.

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