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iMTF™ incorporates two types of strategies.  The first strategy is called “Cross” and the second is called “Shades”.  

MTF Cross

iMTF™ stands for Ichimoku Multiple Time Frame Analysis. Ichimoku is Fibonacci without the subjectivity. The technology analyzes Ichimoku on one minute up to and including 1 month, to find where the common support/resistances are located.   Once they are found, they are represented graphically through purple dots (day trading) and black crosses (swing/long term trading).    When various time frames have the same support/resistance, this represents a TIMING element.   It means something is about to happen!  Here is a video on how it works.  You can also look on social media for various examples of live trade on various instruments and various time frames.  No Limitations!

MTF Shade

iMTF™ Shades illustrate when there is a bullish or bearish setup by coloring the background of the chart.  If the setup exists, the shade exists!  Along with the shade, the technology gives the trader FORE CAST parameters based on historical high probability setup.   This allows the trader to know the probabilities of success BEFORE they enter.  Furthermore, we take it one step forward.  We also provide all the order information (entry, stops, and targets), money management, and entry validation.   Here is a video on how it works. No Limitations!


On all the social media platforms, we illustrate a lot of "live" examples.   If you have any questions, you can email us at info@eiicapital.com or call us.  If you see the banner below, we have an iMTF package that is only $34.99.   It includes everything!    Not just the indicator but the family support system behind it.  What do you have to lose?    Let our actions DAILY be the proof. 

You can cancel on the website anytime.   We do not sell your name to anyone else either.  

 We are all traders, like YOU!  You don't get a coach, you get Manesh Patel.