Power of the $iMTF® Indicator with Small Caps Low Risk/High Reward

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Power of the $iMTF® Indicator with Small Caps Low Risk/High Reward.  Everyone talks about single time frame analysis with an indicator.   No one really talks about multiple time frame analysis.  Some do but they only look at one time.    Our technology looks at ALL timeframes from 1 minute to 1 month.

Why is that important?  There are 3 types of traders in the market.   Day traders, Swing traders, and Long term.  No one know when they come and go and trade.  Therefore, you have to understand the way each of those traders are thinking.

This is been virtually impossible before but NOW it is with the iMTF®.

Let’s demo the the power of this indicator with a $smallcap stock $POTN.   This is a Cannibus stock too.   All these elements make this instrument a very volatile instrument.

Here is a 30m chart setup.  It is zoomed out so you can see the entire picture.   Here is the legend for the chart:

  • Green Shaded area:  Bullish setup
  • Red Shaded area:  Bearish Setup
  • Black Cross:  When Swing/Long term Traders thinking of same Support/Resistance (60m to Month)
  • Purple dot:  When Day/Swing Traders thinking of same Support/Resistance (1m to 60m)
  • Blue dot:   Breakout entry in the setup zone.
  • Green Dot:  Trailing stop once a trade enter.

Let’s zoom into the 30m green shaded area for a bullish setup that started the bullish trend.   First step is wait for a shaded area for a setup.  In this case, you got a green shaded area which is a bullish setup.   Second setup, find the highest probability setup.    The highest is when you have Purple Dots and Black Crosses in the shaded area.   This tells you that all the traders i.e. day, swing, and long term are thinking the same way.     If you get that, you can put a pull back trade that level.

You look for a situation where the purple dots and black cross line up at the same value or close to it.  In this instrument, here is the setup.,   The initial stop is the green dots and the preserve mode is at 3:1.  At preserve mode, we take 50% or 75% positions off.

Once you enter the trade, you keep it simple.  Use the green dots as a trailing stop.    If you followed this rule, here is the trade exit:

This was a low risk and high reward.   Here are two other videos on how to use the indicator for small caps.


If you would like to learn how to trade like an institutional trader or learn more about our multi-timeframe email alerts, go to www.ichimokutrade.com or email us at info@eiicapital.com

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