Sector Analysis with the NEW Multiple Time frame Global Scanner

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Did you see the FIRST product release that we had!   We release a real time GLOBAL multiple time frame analysis scanner.    How powerful is it?   Check this out!

Here is a sample scan right now I did on the Dow sectors.


This scan found where the support/resistance were matching on the Daily, Weekly, and the Monthly timeframe!    It filtered through all the Dow sectors and found us the real trading opportunities!

Here are some the charts from the scan.   I have marketed the multiple time frame support:


The first chart is the $DJUSAG, DJ US Asset Managers.  This is a bullish opportunity where price is “sitting” on a multiple time frame support.   The only risk you have is the buffer off the support.




The second chart is $DJUSAU, DJ US Automobile Manufacturers.   This is a bearish opportunity to retest the last pivot low.   All 3 time frames have the same resistance.  You can put a bearish pull back trade right at the resistance with the buffer as the only risk.



The third chart is $DJUSCH, DJ US Chemicals.   This is a bullish opportunity.   It has the same support for all three time frames.    The only risk you have for a bullish pull back trade is the buffer.



How about a currency?   Here is the scan results for a multiple time frame support for Currencies.


Here is the chart for the exotic currency ZARJPY.  Notice all three time frames share the same support!


Want a international stock?   Here is an Australian stock $NAB-ASX:




NOTE:  With out multiple time frame scanner, you can ANY Global instrument for any time frames we support!   You can find multiple time frame match for 10m,30m,60, 240m,…etc for DAYTRADING!   


If you would like to learn or email us at