$STI-SES, $200-FTSB, $N225-NKI: Asian Stock Market Monthly Update

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$STI-SES Singapore Stock Market Monthly Update.   Since June 2009, the Singapore stock market has been in a consolidation pattern between the low region of 2528 and the high regions of 3548.   This monthly update will analyze the market to see the current state of the market.

Below is the MONTHLY STI index based on esignal chart:


As you can see, on Oct 2017 it broke the resistance level @ 3354.89. This month, that resistance has become its support. Be cautious as the Monthly is still in a consolidation pattern. It has a higher probability to be bullish as the momentum has moved out from price. Its next target will be the M resistance of 3460.21.

Let us look at the Weekly chart. Below is the Weekly STI index based on esignal chart:


By zooming in to the weekly chart, we can see that price had broken the Monthly resistance @ 3354.89 in the week ending in 23 Oct. The following weeks we saw that price continued to be bullish. This signifies that this bullish movement could be strong. Its next target is the challenging the Montly 3460.21, which is a major resistance since both Wk and M have the same resistance level.

Next, we head down to the Dialy time frame. Below is the Daily STI index based on esignal chart:

In the last week of Oct 2017, the STI D chart finall broke the D consolidation pattern by breaking the 3354.89 M resistance level. This consolidation started in May 2017. Overall the D for STI is still very bullish.



Nikkei 225 INDEX:

$N225-NKI Japan Stock Market Monthly Update.Since April 2013, the Nikkei 225 has been trending bullish and only did a minor pull back in 2016 but broke the critical monthly support (17901) in Nov 2016. Since Dec 2016 it has been hovering for 5 months unable to break an iMTF™ resistance at 19295 that is until May 2017, which it managed to break the iMTF™ level. It then broke the Monthly resistance on 19601 (pivot high) on May 2017. As of Oct 2017, the Nikkei broke a major M resistance (now support). With the Oct 2017 price move, momentum cleared price and is now showing a major bullish probability.

Below is the Monthly chart provided by eSignal:


Weekly is bullish and has managed to stay above the M suppport for 2 out of 4 weeks of Oct 2017. It is now challenging the M resistance at 22760.95 which is an all time high since a decade ago. For now the resistance still manages to hold price. However, Nikkei 225 Wk chart is still very bullish.

Let’s look at the Weekly chart. Below is the Weekly chart provided by eSignal:


Daily has been in a bullish breakout since late Sept 2017. Oct  2017 saw Daily price being bullish most of the days and breaking the previous M Resistance (21749.69). Nikkei 225 D chart shows a very clear sign of bullishness but there are signs of over extension of bulls, there could be a probability of a pull back soon.

Let’s take a look at the Daily Chart provided by eSignal:


Bursa Malaysia KLCI INDEX:

$200-FTSB Bursa Malaysia Stock Market Monthly Update.Since Sept 2015, KLCI has done a major pull back into the cloud and has been consolidating from there ever since. Last month (Oct 2017) price fell below the iMTF™ support  at around 1751.26. The bulls still have high probability (due to momentum and other ichimoku indicators). Price is currently sandwiched between the M Resistance (previous support) and the Counter trend support. As the TS is not flat, it will not be much of a support.

Below is the Monthly chart provided by eSignal:


Weekly has been in a consolidating pattern since September 2015. Weekly price has been managed to form a reverse pivot below the KS/TS line. There could be a probability of it pulling back to Ts/KS and turning bullish again or being stopped by the TS/KS and head towards the cloud.

Let’s look at the weekly chart provided by eSignal:


In Oct 2017 daily price turned from Neutral to Bearish then did a bearish Breakout. Momentum for Daily on the month of Oct has become from Neutral to Strong Bearish. Daily’s higher probability to be a bearish trade.

Let’s look at the Daily chart provided by eSignal:


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