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IchimokuTrade $ES Emini Sp500 Trading Levels

IchimokuTrade $ES Emini Sp500 Trading Levels.    At this time, the US stock markets are consolidating and trying to figure out which way to go.   The $ES Emini SP500 is ranging between 2019.25 and 2053.00.

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Live Ichimoku E-Mini SP500 Short Trade : 10m

Below is a 10m E-Mini SP500 Ichimoku Short trade that is occurring now.   The entry is 1784.50, initial stop of 1785.25, preserve mode of 1779.50, and a target of 1777.75.  The max risk is 3 ticks and

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Future Trade of the Week : Jan 24, 2014: Ichimoku Scalp E-Mini Sp500 Futures 512 Tick

It is very interesting how people are making comments throughout the web that Ichimoku does not work on lower time frames.    This statement is COMPLETELY FALSE.      If they really understand Ichimoku,

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