The Battle: $Bitcoin vs $iMTF®

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The Battle: Bitcoin vs iMTF.    Bitcoin has corned the media market.  Everyone around the world has been talking about it.    In the month of December, I have been traveling the world.   Every country I go, Bitcoin is the major talk on the stock market channels.

With the crazy returns, everyone is trying to get involved.   Non-professional and professional traders too!    This reminds me all the “bubble” we have experience in history.     When everyone is buying, there are no sellers so the price just keeps going and higher until the “bubble” busts.

Remember the recent “Gold” Bubble?

The magical question everyone is asking how do you trade it.    No one knows when this “bubble” will end.   No one knows how far it will go.    Therefore, you have to trade it in a very low risk manner.

This is our iMTF® technology is very useful.   It analyzes multiple time frames to find the major support/resistance.

In order to trade $Bitcoin, you have to trade pull back with multiple time frame supports.     With the instrument going higher, there are not many opportunities.    However, when the opportunity does come, it is low risk and high reward.

Here is the current daily chart.    On November 29, 2017, $Bitcoin dropped and our price alerts got triggered.    We had a price alert at 8587.00.    This was the last multiple time frame support that has been seen on the daily timeframe.


After that pull back to that level, price has gotten all the way to 19642.  This is 130% increase in 9 days.

This is a low risk, high reward trade.   Once you enter the trade, you use a good “trailing” stop so you do not give up your profits and do not lose!

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