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$UK Stock Market Trade of the Week $TPK-LON 6 time frame buy opportunity.  With another short working week few opportunities presented themselves. On April 18, we received a 6 Timeframe Ichimoku Buy Email alert for TPK-LON, Travis Perkins.  Here is the email alert received.

2017-04-20_TPK email

Our trading plan allows us to trade Strategy #4. We chose the trade the 240 minute timeframe.  Below is the chart provided by Esignal.

2017-04-20_TPK setup

We had IMTF™ resistances at 1509.54 and 1505.42 we missed the pull back which would have given us a reward/risk ratio over 3:1. However, we setup a breakout entry at 1557.12 with a preserve target of 1680 giving us a potential reward/risk of 3:1. We entered the trade on the 19th. Here is the chart.

2017-04-20_TPK Current

We are currently in the trade managing our stop.

If you would like to learn www.ichimokutrade.com or email us at info@eiicapital.com