Weekly Market Outlook

The Verdict is out and it looks like the Syriza Party is out in Greece. Pro Euro parties have won and for now it looks like the Markets like the Euro and are bidding it up. This was our feeling last week as said in the Ichimoku Chat Room.  However it will take the printing of money to keep the Euro intact and that should eventually debase the currency.
This could be the first month in the plus side for GOLD so take heed.
We like the AUDUSD on the 120 min pullback. Ive attached a chart and highlighted the overnight buy zone. You would stop out below the buy zone.
The ES has broken back above 1333 and is looking bullish on pullbacks
For the Dollar Lovers Special I like MDW off The Ichimoku Stock Scanner. Its a Gold stock that has broken out of a tight range on Friday on Above average Volume. Its been on our list since it was upgraded to a buy 2 weeks ago.
Thats all for tonight