What are your Stats? What is your profits/trade? How much do you make?

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Recently, I have been getting questions: the one’s in the header and many others like them.    A “true” analyst does not record statistics.  They are analyzing charts to a point, the charts tell them what to do.   Traders are the one’s that reveal statistics on their trade because they are playing a “percentage”/”probability” game.   If you want statistics, look at my trades and you will see the statistics.  Numbers speak for themselves.    Through the blog, you see EVERYTHING.
When I first met my mentor, I didn’t ask him how many PIP’s (profit) he makes a week/month?  The first thing I ask him is how does he trade.   I listened over and over to “get into his mind” to see things they way he see’s them.  Of course with the years of knowledge he has, I wasn’t going to get all his knowledge overnight.   However, the first conversation gave me enough knowledge to backtest everything I had LEARNED from him.    I backtested his knowledge for every instrument.   After my backtesting, this person became my mentor INSTANTLY.    Never have I asked him his statistics because I don’t care about that.   I care about learning and becoming a successful trader as he was.   There are many systems offering statistics along with hedge fund managers.   How will they do if a recession hits today?
For everyone, Success is measured differently.   To me, success is where you don’t have to be in front of the “screens” all the time to trade.   The trade is “following the plan” behind the scenes as I am enjoying life.    Life is too short to be sitting in front of a computer.   Every minute behind a computer is time taken away from my hobbies, my family, etc.